What This Online Course Is About

This Quick Start Kit includes:

  • A list of 48 story topic idea suggestions
  • A super simple method to pick the story you want to tell
  • Choosing a theme to share your message and wisdom
  • Qualities of picking a catchy title
  • How to write a kick-ass first sentence
  • Cool trick to stay motivated to write
  • Worksheet to document your thoughts and decisions as you move through the process.

Do you want to write your stories the quick & easy way . . .

Or Draaaaag it out, get frustrated and give up?

The goal of this quick start kit is to help you start creating your written legacy, one story at a time! Even the best of writers have difficulty at times choosing an idea, putting their first word on a page, writing their first sentence and finishing their paragraph. There is nothing magical about it when you use the simple, systematic method I’m going to show you.