These are digital representations of original art pieces. Colors, intensities, textures,
light and dark may look different on computers than in person.

My Most Recent Sacred Goddess

Commissioned Painting


  • Sacred Goddess Portrait & Message: $275
  • Shipping & Handling: $20


*International orders outside Canada may have additional shipping costs. Please ask before making your payment.

 I create original artwork with a vibrational resonance that has the inherent ability to

raise the level of happiness and well-being in the room where it hangs. 

Please contact me for pricing or a catalogue.


Above is a slide show of some Sacred Goddess Self-Portraits I've created over the years. Each art piece was created at a time when I needed to call on different strengths.

Sacred Goddess Paintings

Vibrational Resonance Energy Paintings

if you are interested in having your Sacred Inner Goddess painted, please fill out the form below and I will contact you to arrange the details.

Painting of image above is in private collection of the client.

Your Custom Sacred Goddess Portrait includes:

  • One 12" x 16" Custom Painting of your Sacred Goddess. Your 'painting' will be a combination of mixed mediums which may include acrylic, collage, pastels, pencil, watercolor, inks, charcoal and more.

  • One detailed channeled messaged from your Inner Goddess written on handmade paper and sealed for your eyes only.

What is a Sacred Goddess portrait?

It's a painting of your deepest and truest essence that contains the vibrational energy of the Goddess within you. It's an intuitive energy painting that embodies the qualities, strengths and attributes within you that you need to connect with and fully embody in order to live joyfully and authentically as the breathtakingly beautiful being that you are.

Through my painting your spirit mirrors back to you the Divinity within so that you can be reminded to connect with and celebrate your own beauty and strength in every moment.

I tap into your Inner Goddess and bring Her energy to life on the canvas in a powerful, vibrant and intimate way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do it?

I'm naturally empathic and have fine tuned this Divine Gift  to use creatively via art. I create and paint intuitively. It is very easy for me to connect with your deepest, most authentic Higher Self and let that energy flow through me onto the canvas. Your job is simply to say "Yes!" I do the rest.

How long does it take to get my Custom Sacred Goddess Portrait?

For orders in Canada, it usually takes up to 3 weeks from the time you place your order until you receive it in the mail. Out of country orders can take longer due to shipping. The time varies depending on how many orders are in line ahead of yours. Rush service is available upon request.

What form of payment do I accept?

I accept Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to use Paypal. tPayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute.

Do you offer custom framing for the art?

Not at this time. Your art work is created on a stretched canvas frame and I attach wire so it is ready-to-hang. You can hang it immediately and shop for a frame at your leisure.

Who owns the right to my Sacred Goddess Painting?

Customarily, the artist owns the right to all the art she creates and you may not reproduce the art for any kind of profit without written permission from Nancy. It is your painting to keep.  You own your painting, I own the artistic rights of the image.