30 Minute Phone Coaching

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50 Minute Phone Coaching

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Everyone's story has the potential to touch someone's heart and even change people's lives. The experiences you lived through made you stronger. Your story may be the courage, determination and strength needed to help someone else who is going through the exact same thing today.

  • 30 Minute Phone Coaching Session
  • 50 Minute Phone Coaching Session

How To Set Up A Phone Coaching Session

Use the Appointment Scheduler at the bottom of this page to schedule your own day/time. Or, send me an email telling me what you're working on and where you're stuck. I will respond asap with an appointment time to connect by phone or Skype, and we'll  get you back on track rocking 'n rolling your story to

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I help you flesh out the important elements that make your personal story COMPELLING!



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Please choose a day and time for your coaching session using the scheduler  provided below, and let me know what you want to focus on during your session.

Which Plan Works Best For You?

Life Stories to Audio Legacies Coaching Services

  • Developing Your Character
    • Who you are as a person, not just as the main character in your story.
    • Finding your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, wants, needs and desires in your story.
    • Discovering how you were affected by the events in your story - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    • Sharing the wisdom you gained through the experiences you lived.
    • Understanding the motivation for pursuing your dreams, goals or desires.

  • Building Context Into Your Story
    • Where and when the events in your story took place.
    • The political and economic atmosphere that influenced this period of time in your story.
    • National and global events that molded your beliefs and affected your decisions.
    • Obstacles you needed to overcome in order to achieve your goal.
    • The decisions you made that shaped the outcome of your story.

  • Making Your Story Fun, Entertaining & Exciting
    • How to give your characters 'voice'.
    • Implementing the art of pacing
    • Adding sound effects to your audio recordings
    • Fun ways to make your story interactive

Not sure how to get started?

 Phone Consultation Service

Great stories take us on an emotional journey of  excitement, anticipation, anger, fear, love and hope. That's why we remember our favorite stories  - because we connected emotionally.  In order to help you bring out your deeper emotions in your story, a coach needs to be connected to her own personal emotional experiences.  I have spent  20 years helping individuals connect with their purpose, passion and inner joy by recognizing and understanding the power of their thoughts and emotions.

As an effective coach I . . .

  • inspire and motivate you to bring out the best within yourself. If you say you want to do something, I help you set up clear objectives, reasonable expectations and encourage you to follow through. 
  • help you stay focused and work through the challenges of each step of the process in order for you to be successful.
  • provide a range of tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals.It could be books, links, audio and video resources.
  • enable you to see things from a fresh perspective, which opens the door to new insights or even a whole new approach.

Writing stories about your own life can be daunting when you have to figure it all out on your own. Where do you start? What do you write about? How do you make it interesting? Who wants to hear what you have to say? 

Maybe the experiences you've lived through haven't always left you with happy memories. How do you bare all without leaving yourself vulnerable to the criticism and ridicule of family and friends? How do you tell your story without hurting the other people who may have been involved?

The topics below are a few of the concepts we will discuss in our personal and private LIFE STORIES TO AUDIO LEGACIES phone consultations. Each conversation will be specific to the story you want to tell. Whether your story is 3 minutes long or 30 pages long, you will be able to write and record awesome personal life stories. Stories that matter to you, your grandchildren, family and friends.