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If you live locally, shoot me an email or call me to try on the jewelry in person. No need for shipping when you can wear it home with you!

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If you are ever in the neighborhood, come visit my studio on Queen Street in Kincardine . . . . but give me a heads-up because I often play in my art studio in my pajamas. You are also welcome to visit  my Etsy Shoppe, where my daughter and I both have our jewelry available.

When you wear my jewelry you are saying, "I'm different from the rest of you!" And, every piece of my hand-crafted, artistic jewelry is filled with a spiritual essence. So, not only will you make a great impression and be admired and respected, you will feel amazing too.

I love working with copper because it's steeped with history.  It was used as early as 9000 BC because it has magical properties that help the body to heal. Copper is also linked with Venus, the Goddess of Love, and when you wear copper jewelry it brings out your femininity, receptivity, kindness, magnetism and enjoyment.

Original Designs by  Nancy Murdoch

Real JADE stone protected in a wire cage with dangling treasures and a key to metaphorically unlock the mystical healing powers of this auspicious stone. Includes some handmade fabric beads.