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It's Mostly About Sex . . . and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman

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It’s Mostly About Sex and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman

There is a certain indescribable yet undeniable feeling of joyful peace that accompanies the self-less act of providing pleasure for someone. Oftimes that joy is short-lived and is followed by a sense of emptiness and the hungering for something more. The sustained joy that we all desire, the kind that bubbles up from an unlimited well-spring inside, comes only when we have attained a certain level of personal authenticity. Only then are we able to give to others unconditionally; where the joy is totally in the giving.

Until we reach a deeper state of self-awareness, the actions of providing pleasure for a woman carry with it the energetic undercurrents of, “what’s in it for me.” This need to receive love, gratification or even recognition for a job well done, will leave a man cycling endlessly in the belief that what he does is never enough or good enough.

Life is a creative process that returns to us exactly what we put out through our thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and unconscious patterning.  By changing the way we perceive people and experiences, and setting intentions based on the values we organize our lives around, we have the ability to manifest love and relationships that are in alignment with our deepest heart-felt desires.

The planetary shifts in energy are no longer secret topics discussed only amongst mystics, astrologers, psychics and scientists. Everyone is feeling the transformative forces at play across the globe and in our personal lives, and wondering where it’s leading and how to stay centered in order to flow with the changes rather than getting sucked under.

Change is not transformation … it's merely the taking off of one set of clothes and putting on of another while attracting the same people and experiences into our lives over and over again. Human transformation is akin to the process of caterpillar to butterfly. Or, in the case of relationships, transmuting pain, despair, loneliness, ill-health, unhappiness and fear, into love, radiance and the ability to attract into our lives that which we most truly desire through the healing of our old stories.

One major shift occurring right now is movement away from the archetypal masculine, left-brain dominated way of analyzing and aggressively going out and getting what you want, and towards the magnetizing energy of the feminine that attracts your desires to you through the cultivation of inner awareness. But how do you get this inner awareness and where do you go to learn about the one most important thing that’s so lacking in our lives today – love?

There are books you read and then there are books that change your life. It’s Mostly About Sex and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman contains information that is relevant to every man’s life regardless of age, size, relationships status or profession. This book challenges men on many levels and strikes at the core of who you are and what drives you.

As one reader wrote: “Full of real people and real stories! This book goes beyond the methods of pleasing a woman to attaining respectful enlightenment of life’s purpose. What makes you glow, how to find yourself and change your core beliefs, how to use sexual energy to create the compassion needed to love.”

This book is about awareness, self-actualization and love, not erotica . . . don't say I didn't warn ya!

It’s Mostly About Sex and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman can be purchased in MP3 audio format, PDF and paperback.