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Lasting Memories: The Complete Guide to Creating Audio Memoirs For Your Grandkids & Loved Ones

The Complete Guide to Creating Audio Memoirs for your Grandchildren

Everything you need to create, record, edit, add sound effects and send your awesome story to your grandkids & loved ones. Includes worksheets, PDF files, audio & video tutorials.

About Nancy Murdoch

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I was very young when my grandparents died. I didn't get a chance to hear their stories. There are so many things I would have asked them.

You are still here. You have the opportunity and the technology to create loving memories for your grandchildren. Don't wait another minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose one or choose all three!!!

The focus of this course is to teach you how to share your living legacy with your grandchildren, through recorded audio media in 7 Easy Lessons. This comprehensive e-course that will cover all the basics of telling a good story, recording your stories in MP3 audio format, adding fun sound effects, music and interactive play, then outputting your story so your grandchildren can play them over and over again.

Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable.

audio stories

I have a new grandson and I want to tell him stories but he lives a couple hours away. So I took the E-course Learning to Record Stories for Your Grandchildren by Nancy. I truly enjoyed all the lessons. When it came to downloading Audacity and lame, I must admit, I had my doubts. I am not a computer whiz by any means. I was curious about how others might instruct a person to use the software and YOURS was much nicer to listen to and much easier to follow. YOU really need to put yours on utube.  I found that Nancy's pace and step by step instruction was great! And I did it! Thanks Nancy for that! Now I am on my way to recording stories.

Benefits of this program for you . . .

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How to create and record audio memoirs for your grandkids

To successfully participate in this e-course you will need either a laptop computer or a desktop computer. You can use your device's built-in mic, a USB mic, a head-set microphone or any mic of your choosing. It's easier if you have basic knowledge of how to operate your computer. You also need a voice and a grandchild of any age, and you are good to go!

Nancy's course turned out to be easier to use than I thought! The course exceeded my expectations in the depth of information supplied. Excellent content and assignments, very well organized, with clear and concise instructions about how to use technology, prepare my stories, and rediscover memories I had forgotten. Nancy was always there supporting me and ready if I needed help. It was a delightful experience! I look forward to taking another class from Nancy.

Equipment You Need to Have . . .

You have the chance to give your grandchildren a gift NO ONE ELSE EVER CAN . . . a part of YOU that they will cherish forever. This is what your grandchildren want. Meaning, value and connection with you. Your love is the treasure your children and grandchildren want to keep forever. Your voice carries the love that is expressed through the words of the stories you tell them. You are passing on more than just your culture, history and heritage.  You are passing on YOU!

My mom is in her mid-nineties. She has lived through the roaring twenties, prohibition and The Great Depression. There was no oral contraception, abortions were illegal, she could not refuse to have sex with her husband, and she couldn't sue for sexual harassment in the workplace . . .  but she could get fired from her job for being pregnant.  Women won the right to vote the year my mom was born.

She was employed during the time when women made 0.63 cents for every dollar a man made, had restrictions on the type of clothes she could wear and in some cases, the amount she could weigh. She couldn't serve as a juror, couldn't get a credit card unless she was married and if her husband co-signed for her, and she was not allowed into the military. She didn't have seat belts, didn't wear a bike helmet and a gallon of gas cost 0.27 cents.

My mom lived through 200 wars, segregation, discrimination and the British Invasion.  She raised 4 children, traveled to the top of a mountain on a donkey, survived breast cancer, back surgery, the death of her parents, the death of her only sister and her husband. She was the first female student in her chemistry class in high school, started the first newspaper for the Med techs at the hospital where she worked, and she met Margaret Thatcher in person.

My mom thinks she lived an ordinary life and the stories she has to tell are ordinary.

 As a daughter, I don't care if my mom isn't a Nobel prize winner or wasn't a famous movie star. I want to know about her life. What was her first job, her first date, why did she fall in love with my dad and how did she stayed married to the same man for 63 years? I want to know the stories of my grandparents and great-grandparents that only she she can tell me.

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  • Over 130 story suggestion ideas to get you started

  • 30 MP3 fun sound effects you can drop right into your story

  • Sound Effects Resource guide to unlimited sound effects you can download for FREE

  • Links to Public Domain stories for kids of all ages

  • Sample audio stories

  • Membership to our private story coaching group


It's Imperative that You Record Your Stories Now, Before They Are Lost Forever

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  • Improves your grandchild's critical thinking skills through new concepts.

  • Exposes your grandchild to different cultures, people, ideas and factual information.

  • Grandparents bring a sense of normalcy through storytelling to grandchildren who are in stressful family situations, such as divorce, separation, low income, illness of one or more family members.

  • Children who have been read to are more resilient to stressful situations, have better mental health, more positive peer relationships and fewer incidents of delinquent behaviors.

  • Hearing the rhythm of language trains your grandchild's brain to proper grammar and phrasing, making them more able to express themselves verbally.

I love helping people tell their stories.  Author of 5 books, story writing coach & consultant, radio show host, podcaster, artist, ayurveda culinary arts teacher, a HeartMath stress relief specialist and a new grandma! For over 30 years I have facilitated hands-on creative arts and awareness workshops​, and privately coached people to live their greatest potential. I live every aspect of my life in the creative mode. For several years I traveled across U.S. and Canada as a Creative Spiritual Mentor helping individuals live their passions.

My mission is to inspire you to achieve your greatest potential and live a life of purpose. I'm here to help you find the meaning in your life, and know each night when you go to bed that you made a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and loved ones.

How to choose stories your grandkids will love e-course


Benefits for your grandchild . . .

Q. What kind of microphone do I need?

A. The best type of microphone to use, and the most affordable, is a USB headset mic that plugs into the USB port on your computer device. The better your microphone quality, the better the sound quality of your audio recording. You can also use your computer's built-in mic, but the more distance between your microphone and your voice, the more ambient sounds you  will pick up, lowering the quality of your recording. 

Q. Do I need to buy anything extra to get good results from this course?

A. No, everything you need is included in this course or can be downloaded for free.

Q. How will my grandchildren hear my story if we live on opposite sides of the country?

A. This course has a whole lesson devoted to getting your story to your grandchildren and loved ones. You will be shown how to deliver your audio memoir digitally to as many people as you like as often as you like.

Q.  I haven't written a story since I was in school. What if I don't remember how?

A.  You have nothing to worry about. The first 2 lessons in this course walk you though the steps of writing a great story. Each step is broken down into bite-size pieces and I have added lots of practical examples. I've also included worksheets so you can build your story as you go, one step at a time.

Q.  I don't learn well by reading. Will this course be good for me?

A. Absolutely! I created this course with different learning styles in mind. Just about every lesson has been recorded in audio format for those who are auditory learners.  The lessons that are not in audio, have been done in video - so you have both audio and video.

Q. I don't like to read on the computer, what are my options?

A.  Just about every lesson has a  PDF file that you can download, print, and read in hard copy.

Q.  What if I get half way through this program and I get stuck on something? How can I get help?

A.  I know how important it is for you to create great stories and have fun doing it.  I want you to succeed as much as you do? I plan on being there with you every step of the way.

  • You can get your questions answered by myself and other students in our private coaching group. It's an added bonus for all course participants.
  • You can send me your questions in an email. I usually answer very quickly because when I get stuck on something I want my questions answered quickly, too.
  • You can set up private coaching sessions done by phone or Skype if you want personal guidance for any aspect of your course journey. Check out coaching services.

Q.  I have a friend who wants to record memoirs for her grandchildren but she doesn't have the time to take the course?

A. I provide recording and editing services for people who love this idea but who either don't have the time, or are at different levels of technical ability. Please check out the audio recording and editing services I provide.

Q. How is this course delivered to me? Is it sent to me by email all at once, or one lesson at at time? Do I have to download the course?

A.  The course in not sent to you via email and you do not have to download the contents. It is set up online so you can access all of it immediately 24/7 with your personal login. You have the option to download each lesson, but you don't have to. You can take the whole course online. The course includes an automatic progress report that keeps track of everything for you.  For example, if you get through lesson one and part of lesson two, you will know exactly where to start the next time you login.

Q.  Can I listen to audio memoirs other participants have created through this course?

A. Yes you can! CLICK THIS LINK and it will take you to a page where you can listen to as many stories as you like. I am continually adding new ones when participants send them to me.

Q.  How do I get my 30 minute free phone/Skype coaching session?

A.   When you are ready, all you need to do is send me an email to set up your complimentary session.

Q.  How do I get my story on your website with the other e-course participants' finished stories?

A.  At the end of the course I have a request form you can fill out and send back to me. Then all you have to do is send me your audio story file and I will upload it to my website. It's that simple.

Q.  If I'm ready to take the e-course now, what do I do next?

A. Simply click on the  Enroll Now button below and it will take you though the enrollment process then give you immediate access to your e-course.

Nancy is an excellent, enthusiastic instructor who really knows her stuff.  She had the brilliant insight to see a need for passing down our story gems – one generation to the next. Creating Audio Memoirs is a well-designed course that was broken down into bite-sized pieces that made learning easy for me.  Nancy put a huge amount of time and dedication into showing step-by-step how it is possible even for those who aren’t a whiz on the computer, to create a great audio story. I liked that the course included exercises and worksheets to help me build my story as I progressed. Nancy’s support was first rate, always providing positive feedback. Great course! I highly recommend it to all grandparents . . . it’s not too late!

My e-course helps you turn ordinary memories into an entertaining audio legacy filled with soul, sound effects and historical context your grandkids and children will listen to forever and ever.

About this E-Course

Over $200 worth of FREE Bonuses Included

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  • Provides bonding opportunity for you and your grandchild whether you live near or far.

  • Close ties with your grandchild reduces the feeling of isolation, loneliness and depression.

  • Storytelling keeps you mentally sharp with better results on comprehension tests.

  • Telling personal narratives helps lower high blood pressure.

  • Telling your stories is a great way to keep your family history and heritage alive.

  • Sharing your stories helps recapture the meaning, purpose and connection that has woven your life together.

  • Increased self-esteem from knowing you are making a positive difference in someone's life.

  • It takes your mind off your aches, pains and mortality and brings you into the present moment where all healing takes place.

Why Your Stories Matter . . .

The introduction of this e-course focuses on the awesome benefits of reading to your grandchildren and why YOU as a grandparent matter.   

Lesson One
3 Essential Ingredients That Drive A Story
In Lesson One you will learn how to tell compelling stories with you as the main character. You will learn the difference between telling a story and sharing a fond memory: and the 3 most important ingredients that drive a story forward. The Bonus section provides a list of topics to get you started. 

Lesson Two
5 Key Components For Creating A Great Story
Lesson Two covers the 5 fundamental elements that make a good story great. You will learn how to develop YOU as a character; the relevance of including time/date/place to give your story context; developing a simple yet solid plot structure; motivation and resolution.


Lesson Three
Making Your Story Fun!
Lesson Three is all about how to make your story fun using sound effects, characterization, and suggestions for making your story interactive for your grandchildren.

Lesson Four
Downloading Audacity & LAME Software
Lesson Four walks you through the step-by-step process of downloading Audacity and LAME, the free recording software. 

Lesson Five
Audacity Control Panel Functions
Lesson Five describes all the important functions and buttons in Audacity’s main menu and toolbars. You will also learn how to set up your microphone and speakers.

Lesson Six
Recording, Editing & Saving Your First Story
Lesson Six walks you through the process of recording your first story, editing, adding sound effects and saving your project in MP3 format and Audacity format.

Lesson Seven
Output - Getting Your Recorded Stories To Your Grandchildren & Loved Ones
Lesson Seven is dedicated to output --- getting your recorded stories to you grandchildren using WeTransfer and Dropbox. Also, how you can share your message with others.

Course Creator and Facilitator

4 steps to override your fear of writing e-course


By the end of this e-course you will have recorded a great story, edited out the bloopers, added sound effects and sent the audio story to your grandchild.

Course Curriculum