Choosing the Appropriate Story to Read to Your Grandchildren Will Ensure Their Love Of Reading & Life-Long Learning

Benefits of Reading to Babies, Children & Teens

When You Read Stories To Children

They Do Better In School.

What This Online Course Is About

There has been an extensive amount of research done to determine what motivates and engages children to want to read, learn and succeed in life. It's imperative to enhance and encourage children's critical thinking skills by presenting them with information that challenges them to strive and succeed.  Information that is too advanced, will frustrate them, lower their self-esteem and make them give up. Information that is too easy creates boredom and lack of interest in pursuing goals. Both scenarios cause children to lack focus and passion for learning.

I condensed and compiled all this research in a way that makes it easy for you to choose books that will challenge your grandchildren of any age to engage, stay interested, develop focus, and be motivated to read and be  life-long learners.

This E-Course is packed full of insightful information that you will be able to use from the time your grandchildren are babies until they are out of high school.This is a stand-alone e-course that can also be used as a prequel to the e-course, How to Create and Record Audio Memoirs for your Grandkids & Loved Ones.

The goal of this course is to teach you everything you need to know about choosing age appropriate and subject matter appropriate stories and books to read and/or record for your grandchildren. Stories for babies, toddlers, elementary aged children and teens are covered in this course.

You will also learn how to search for copyright-free stories online, the difference between Public Domain and Creative Commons, and what stories you can and cannot legally record in audio format.

This course provides links to free stories online, and gives you some story topic suggestions with grandma and grandpa as the subject, to get you started.
Also included is a Grandchild Reference Sheet that you can download and fill out as you go through the course.

Invest in your Grandchildren's Futuure

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  • Better Speech Skills - Hearing the rhythm of language trains your grandchild's brain to proper grammar and phrasing, making them more able to express themselves verbally.

  • Academic Excellence - They have a higher aptitude for learning in general. If your grandchild can put together words and sentences by seeing them  on the page and hearing you read them, they can more easily grasp science, math and social studies when they are first introduced in elementary school.

  • Better Communication Skills - By witnessing the interaction of characters in books your children will develop important communication skills.

  • Develops Logical Thinking Ability - Improves your grandchild's critical thinking skills through new concepts.

  • Increased Concentration - Children develop self-discipline when they sit to listen to a story, and increase their attention span. Increased focus leads to improved memory retention and success in all areas of life.

This course can also be used a handy guide that will pay for itself over and over again year after year as your grandchildren grow.

Course Curriculum


Help Your Grandkids Do Better In School:

Choose Books That Will Challenge Them to Learn & Grow

how to choose age and content appropriate stories your grandchildren will love


  • Course Objectives
  • Grandchild Reference Sheet


  • How to Choose Content Appropriate Stories
  • How to Choose Age Appropriate Stories


  • What you need to know about copyright-free stories & licensing agreements


  • Reference Guide: Public Domain & Creative Commons usage and links
  • Reference Guide: Story topic suggestions with Grandma & Grandpa as the subject
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