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Telling your story may be the most powerful medicine on earth.

Learn How To Tell Your Story with These Online E-Courses

4 steps to override your fear of writing e-course
how to choose stories your grandkids will love

How 4 Steps to Override Your Fear Of Writing

This is a powerful course for writers of all levels who are determined to override the fear and insecurity that stops you from creatively expressing yourself through writing. You do not need to be a writer or have any writing experience to enroll.

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TWrite Your Life Stories Quick Start Kit

Learn how you can turn ordinary memories into entertaining audio stories filled with soul, sound effects, music, and interactive play that will strength your family bonds and help you gain clearer understanding of your life's deeper meaning.

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How To Choose Story Books Your
Grandkids Will Love!

Not sure what your stories your grandchildren are into?  This is the course for you. It teaches you everything you need to know about choosing age and content appropriate stories to read and/or record for your grandchildren. From babies to teens.

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Each time you tell your story, and someone listens, it shuts off your stress mechanisms and sends happy hormones shooting through your body. Why? Because you are connecting heart to heart with another human being who understands the suffering, separation, loneliness and the joy of overcoming the challenges that you have experienced ---- because they have experienced them too.

The Complete Guide to Creating  & Recording Audio Memoirs For Your Grandkids & Loved Ones

Overcome the fear, self-doubt and overwhelm of writing and recording your life stories, by learning this step-by-step method that makes it easy to express the heart of your message in your own voice, so you can leave a legacy your grandkids and family will cherish and enjoy forever.

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how to create and record audio memoirs e-course