How It Works

1.  First, we will work together on creating an awesome story for you to tell. Prior to our first session you will receive a worksheet and 2 other useful information sheets. During our first session we will discuss and flesh out all the  important elements to make your story great. At the end of our first session your worksheet will be complete and you will have your story laid out from beginning to end. Our first session can take place in person, via phone or Skype. The session will be 2 hours long and include:

  • choosing the story you want to tell, including all the details
  • developing your character by employing ways to included how you felt, what you were thinking, why this story is important to you, and the message, wisdom or insights you want to share
  • building context into your story, such as time period, location and mood
  • making your story fun, entertaining and exciting by including sound effects, music and interactivity

2.  Next, after our first session, your homework is to write out a finished draft of your story and send it to me via email, in a Word doc.

3.  I will read, review and send it back to you with my suggestions for fine tuning it. You may revise and send it back to me twice for my suggestions for improvement to your story.

4. After you have fined tuned it, we will book a 30 minute session to record your story. Before we begin recording I will offer suggestions for how to use your voice and pacing, to tell or read your story in a way that keeps your listeners hanging on your every word. You have the option to record in person if you live locally, otherwise we will record using Skype.

5. Next, if you have purchased the Voice Only Package, I will edit the voice track to clean up any bloopers and make it sound nice. If you choose the package with sound effects and music, I will add the sound effects and music that you decided upon during our first or second session. Then I will send your audio story to you.

6.  After you receive my initial MP3, you can ask me to make minor edits one time, to the recording if you desire, to make it perfect.

7. I will send you complete Master Track audio memoir recording in MP3 format.

Included In This Audio Story Recording Package:

  • One 120 minute phone/Skype or in person story coaching consultation session
  • One 30 minute story coaching and recording session
  • voice track clean-up
  • 1 re-edit: after you receive your initial audio story MP3 you may have 1 additional tweak to the  recording to make any last minute changes to the initial story we recorded
  • You will receive one MP3 completed master track recording

Add On Extras:

  • Sound effects of your choice
  • Music of your choice
  • 2 hours guaranteed devoted to adding sound effects and music into your audio story.

*NOTE: Enjoy the savings of including the add-ons with your initial purchase rather than waiting until a later date.


  • This Complete Audio Story Recording Package is for an audio story that is 10 minutes or less in length. Please inquire about custom pricing for audio editing that is longer than 10 minutes.

  • For the best sound quality, please use a headphone microphone set for our Skype recording. If we are recording in person we will use my microphone.

  • It's best to record in a quiet room without distractions if possible so the ambient sounds - indoors and outside - will not be picked up during the recording.

  • Be relaxed  and have fun!

  • Unless you have written permission or a license to use music or audio clips that are protected by copyright laws, I am legally required to use only music, sound effects and audio clips that are in Public Domain or Creative Commons.

Let's Book A Date And

Start Recording.

Complete  Audio Story Recording Package

(including sound effects & music add-ons)

$197 CAD

Sound Effects & Music Add-On Package

$95 CAD

What Favorite Memories Do You Want To Share?

Complete Audio Story Recording Package

Complete  Audio Story Recording Package

(voice recording only)

$120 CAD

This package is for the individual who wants a cool audio memoir but who either doesn't have the time, interest, or ability to do any of the technical aspects required for a good quality audio recording. 

Package includes:

  • one to one private story coaching to help you write an awesome story
  •  two email consultation on your written story where I make suggestions to help you improve and fine tune your written story so you can tell it exactly how you want
  • I record you telling your story in your voice (in person or via Skype)
  • I do all the audio editing, which includes cleaning up the bloopers from the voice track, then adding sound effects and music if you have chosen the add-ons
  • And finally, I send you a finished Master Track recording