• The Mysterious Invitation7:02

  • My Kids Won't Eat Their Kibbles3:47

  • Movie Dishes3:50

  • Capain Mann & The Rum Runners6:08

  • My Dad, Morse Code & WWI6:35

  • The Train Ride2:11
overcoming fear of writing in 4 steps

Enjoy the variety of audio memoirs and stories created and recorded by my awesome e-course participants.  I've also included a few of my own stories and memoirs. You too, can have your story on this page! Check out How to Create & Record Audio Memoirs for Your Grandkids & Loved Ones E-Course .

  • The Lone Ranger2:31
how to choose age and content appropriate books for your grandchildren
how to create and record audio memoirs e-course

  • Coming to Canada6:51

AUDIO MEMOIRS & STORIES By E-Course Participants

  • The Carriage5:23

You Can Learn How to Create & Record Great Audio Stories & Memoirs, Too!