• My Kids Won't Eat Their Kibbles3:47

You Can Create Lasting Memories For Your Grandkids Too!

  • The Lone Ranger2:31
how to create and record audio memoirs e-course

  • Passing Through That Grotto Blue6:37

  • Sweat6:43

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Audio Stories By Course Participants

  • Roadtrip Into The Unknown8:17

Nancy's course turned out to be easier to use than I thought! The course exceeded my expectations in the depth of information supplied. Excellent content and assignments, very well organized, with clear and concise instructions about how to use technology, prepare my stories, and rediscover memories I had forgotten. Nancy was always there supporting me and ready if I needed help. It was a delightful experience! I look forward to taking another class from Nancy.

A BIG thank you to my e-course participants who felt comfortable sharing their stories with us. You too, can have your story on this page after you complete the course or create a story through my story coaching services.

  • Capain Mann & The Rum Runners6:08

Nancy is an excellent, enthusiastic instructor who really knows her stuff.  She had the brilliant insight to see a need for passing down our story gems – one generation to the next. Creating Audio Memoirs is a well-designed course that was broken down into bite-sized pieces that made learning easy for me.  Nancy put a huge amount of time and dedication into showing step-by-step how it is possible even for those who aren’t a whiz on the computer, to create a great audio story. I liked that the course included exercises and worksheets to help me build my story as I progressed. Nancy’s support was first rate, always providing positive feedback. Great course! I highly recommend it to all grandparents . . . it’s not too late

  • Harley and the Kittens3:28

  • The Mysterious Invitation7:02

  • My Dad, Morse Code & WWI6:35

Margie Austman

Kincardine, ON

  • Movie Dishes3:50

  • The Train Ride2:11

  • The Carriage5:23

Sus Stepnow McLeod

Inverhuron, ON

  • Coming to Canada6:51
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