• The Carriage5:23

  • The Mysterious Invitation7:02
overcoming fear of writing in 4 steps

A Couple of My Own Story Samples Below

A BIG thank you to my e-course participants who felt comfortable sharing their stories with us. You too, can have your story on this page after you complete the course!  Information for how to get your story on this pages is included at the end of the course.

  • Coming to Canada6:51

  • My Kids Won't Eat Their Kibbles3:47

You Can Learn How to Create & Record Great Audio Stories & Memoirs, Too!

  • The Lone Ranger2:31
how to choose age and content appropriate books for your grandchildren

Audio Stories By Course Participants

how to create and record audio memoirs e-course

  • The Train Ride2:11

  • Movie Dishes3:50

  • Capain Mann & The Rum Runners6:08

  • My Dad, Morse Code & WWI6:35

  • Sweat6:43