I teach you how to improve your life by changing the story you are telling.

 BECAUSE YOU WILL BE HAPPIER. Break-ups are devastating on your emotional health. Your emotional state affects your health. Your health affects your happiness. Your happiness affects your relationships, your health, your job performance, productivity and your passion for life. It's time to take action and get your life back! When your emotional, physical and mental states are in alignment, happiness is the natural result. That's why you need this.

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I Offer Intuitive Readings & Consultations



Feel stuck and need help moving forward?
Need some fresh insight about a relationship or situation?
Seeking spiritual direction about your calling and purpose?

Want some intuitive & creative ideas for your business?

Facing a life challenge or transition?

A link to an online form will be included in the Thank You email you will receive after making your purchase. The form is self-explanatory and will help me understand your question and the details of your situation more clearly. You may download the form by clicking the button below if you would like to view it in advance.

Email  Conversation is the ideal solution for . . .

  • introverts
  • people who don't like talking on the phone
  • people in rural or isolated locations
  • individuals who digest information by rereading it in order to make informed decisions.
  • professionals who have let their relationships and health slip because of work
  • shift workers, single parents and people who have difficulty fitting scheduled appointments into their calendar
  • people who are better at writing their thoughts and emotions rather than speaking them.


You send me the details of why you are depressed, angry, sad, broken and hurting and I will send you step-by-step instructions to resolve the problem and get you back on track again.  It's that simple.

The Fine Print

Each Conversation entitles you to send me one email and to receive one email Solution Resolution response from me. Use as many words as you like, tell me everything and ask me anything,. Please focus on one problem area per email.  Your Conversation credits must be used within a 30 day period from the date of purchase. If you need more help, simply purchase more sessions. It's that easy!

Please select the Email Conversation Package you would like to purchase. 

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  • The deeper caActionable Steps you can take NOW to move towards your goals
  • How-To solutions with in-depth instructions & why it works
  • Proven Strategies for long-term results that REALLY WORK!
  • Forward focused  guidance to increase what is working for you now and decrease what is not working.

Email Conversations is a unique form of personal development guidance that takes place through conversations you and I have via email. It's a written conversation we have about the areas in your life you want to change or improve, and the advice and solutions to make that happen.

Writing out your questions, situations and concerns helps you gain clarity and perspective. Having my written response  gives you the step-by-step guidance and support to refer back to instantly any time you need it. Email conversation has an excellent ROI because it's the only personal development coaching that keeps giving.