I created this e-course so everyone can learn how to capture and preserve their own stories, and the stories of their parents, grandparents and family members, because I didn't get this chance when my grandparents were alive.

Books I've Written

My mission is to help you bring to life your favorite memories and experiences in a way that is fun and exciting for you, and entertaining and memorable for your loved ones. Sometimes you just need someone to ask you the right questions so you can express your story in a way that conveys the meaning and value you want to express. I know the right questions to ask.

My formal training is in the Fine Arts, writing, audio recording, film making, TV, radio, media arts and healing arts.  I recognize the innate creativity in everyone, and because I am genuinely interested in who you are and what you have to say, I can naturally draw from you the most important aspects of the stories you have to tell.

About My Background

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About Nancy

My Mission

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My mom is in her mid-nineties and she lived through things I couldn't imagine living through and will never read about in history books. As a daughter, I don't care if my mom isn't a Nobel prize winner or wasn't a famous movie star. I want to know about her life. What was like for her to live through the Great Depression, prohibition, and cars that required cranking to get them started. How did she meet my dad, why did she fall in love with him, and how did she stayed married to the same man for 63 years? I want to know the stories of my grandparents and great-grandparents that only she she can tell me. And I want to hear them being told in her voice. I want to preserve her legacy.

It made me think about my own future and how important it is to preserve my stories for my children and my grandchild. And I know there are many people like me, who want to know the history of their families, and the trials and tribulations they have gone through. Our ancestry is a big part of what makes us who we are today, and I love helping people tell their most important stories. This course was created with grandparents in mind, but it is for everyone who has a story to tell.