4 Steps to Overriding Your Fear of Writing

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What This Course Is About

You have nothing to lose but fear itself.

This e-course does not focus on the art and craft of writing, or the ins and outs of publishing. That comes AFTER you have removed the blocks and healed the wounds that stopped you from writing in the first place. This course is not filled with fluff. It takes you directly to the root of your fear in a way no course ever has before.

This e-course is for WRITERS AND NON-WRITERS who are determined to override the fear and insecurity that stops you from creatively expressing yourself through writing. You do not need to be a writer or have any writing experience to enroll. This online course walks you through a 4-step process to identify your fears, override them, and teaches you how to be the uninhibited writer you want to be.

Your writing doesn't have to be awesome all the time. Perfectionism can be a curse that blocks us from expressing ourselves. The important thing is to get it out there. Whatever is worth doing will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

4 steps to overriding your fear of writing e-course enrollment

When I started writing my first book, I procrastinated for a very long time. The dishes needed washing, laundry needed to be folded and put away, snow needed shoveling, kids needed attention. The excuses went on and on.

One day I walked into my bedroom and my daughter had made my bed all nice and cozy with pillows and a bed tray. On the bed tray was my laptop computer with a fresh Word doc that said, "Mom's story." She said, "You have no excuse now, so start writing your story."

So I did. I just started typing. It wasn't good and I eventually ended up deleting everything I wrote. I procrastinated because I was afraid of what would happen if I unleashed the monster that was hiding inside of me.