In the eyes of most grandchildren, no matter how old they are, your life began when they were born. You provide a critical link to your grandchildren’s cultural heritage and their family history. But more importantly, only you can tell them about your milestones, your challenges, your hopes, dreams and all the little wonderful moments in between. But if you don't know how to tell stories, or tell your stories in a way that is "gag me with a stinky sock" boring, nobody is going to want to hear what you have to say, no matter how cool your story is.

You are a mentor and a teacher to your grandchildren, but if you don't know how to reach them, how to gain their attention, hold and engage it, they won't benefit from the positive impact you can make on their lives.  And you won't experience that great feeling of knowing how important your life is and has been. Don't let your stories die with you! Let me help you.

Turn Your Life Stories Into Audio Legacies And Show Your Grandchildren The Fabulous Person You REALLY Are!

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I'm launching a cool new idea. I will be featuring a STORY OF THE WEEK and posting it right here on the front page. To get this idea rolling, I'm showcasing one of my own stories.

The Mysterious Invitation

by Nancy Murdoch

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This story was a hoot to record. I tell ya, I laughed almost all the way through it because it was so much fun to do.  It was an experiment to see how many sound effects I could add and not make it cheesy. There are over 34 sound effects and music clips.

It's a story for my grandson, and I wanted it to be fun and true. My solution was to embellish a little. LOL!!!

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  • The Mysterious Invitation7:02

We all have good stories that need to be heard, but most people don't know how to tell them in a way that is powerful, passionate, entertaining and interactive. THAT'S WHY YOU NEED ME.

I know the critical elements that will make YOUR STORY rival the best video games, action-packed TV shows and technology that has captured your grandchildren's attention. After you work with me, your grandkids will beg you to record more stories for them.